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tienda de cerámica en níjar


GÓNGORA BLANES POTTERY is one of the stores with a longer trayectory selling pottery in Nijar, for more than 30 years we have worked for our customers, searching to join tradition and new trends at the same time, we offer classic pieces that had always been part of our culture as well as lastest fashion pottery at home.
We come from an emblematic craftsmen family in the handmade pottery sector, hereby we have a vast knowledge about this guild and we work hard to guarantee the best quality for our products.
We feel deep admiration and respect for this profession, that's why we treat with the greatest care and pamper each one of our pieces, as if it were the best piece of art. We know that to see a piece born from the most elementary raw materials requires a work of enormous human value reflecting the passion, dedication, hard work and the effort of many hands.
As the saying that has always been engraved over our family potter's wheel, with said:

"Potter, nobel and brave guild, the first of them all,

as in the craft of pottery, god was the first one

and the man the first piece.

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